AMD Two new notebook platform

AMD fans? If yes, you can delight because the vendor based in Sunyvale, California has introduced a mainstream notebook platform and the new ultra-thin code-named (respectively) of the Tigris and the Congo.

According to the vendor, the platform of the Tigris-mentioned have been selected by the eight OEM-ready to offer more battery life longer, ie up to 25% compared to previous AMD mobile platforms. Not only that, the Tigris also pledged support for the 1080 full HD playback, faster wireless unduhun up to 62%, and the iPhone file conversion more speeding up 42%.

While Congo, the second-generation platform that is dedicated to the ultra-thin notebooks, designed to provide multi-core performance-matched with the ATI Radeon HD 3200 and dual-channel memory controller. This platform also offers BGA package for low-profile processor and hyper-transport links 800MHz.

S'lain two products, the second largest chip vendor in the world is also introducing a new branding scheme called VISION Technology from AMD is designed to provide details to consumers about what they should expect when buying a new computer-as one of AMD's strategy to approach the consumer and provide solutions for mainstream markets and ultraportable computers.

"Now, consumers increasingly concerned about what they do with their PCs, not what is in it," said Nigel Dessau (CMO, AMD)

Marketing this new VISION similar branding scheme anya processor from Intel that provides less detail to users about the technical specifications, and more about what infoemasi provide the benefits of the platform. According to AMD, the user will be able to choose between three levels of VISION-enabled configuration, the Vision Basic, Premium VISION and VISION Ultimate. Later, precisely in the first quarter of 2010, the vendor will also introduce a new level called black VISION intended for high-level users.